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>…Error: proving that "our causal cell or Hubble volume does not contain the information storage capacity to compute the electron positions of a single gold (Au) atom" does not directly prove that "either the multiverse exists and is so mind bogglingly big as to be practically infinite OR the inner working of atoms is governed by a universal wave function that is running on a computer that is causally disconnected from and vastly larger than our observable universe".



Long ago I came to accept the reality of our situation.  Our perceived universe, our consciousness, everything we see, hear and feel, everything we know, is all part of a grand finite element model.  I am particularly fortunate, for I was one of those who was there when finite element modelling was becoming fashionable in the engineering world, resulting in my having insights into reality that my less-fortunate counterparts in other disciplines did not have.


The element dimension is the cubic Planck length and the time step is the chronon.


Adrian et.al, I am most pleased to be quantum entangled with all of you.





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