[ExI] GPT-3 Improving accuracy

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 13:01:13 UTC 2022

One of the problems with GPT-3 extracting data from the internet is
that it often includes misinformation from poor sources. OpenAI is
trying to correct this.


WebGPT: Improving the Factual Accuracy of Language Models through Web
Browsing      December 16, 2021

We've fine-tuned GPT-3 to more accurately answer open-ended questions
using a text-based web browser. Our prototype copies how humans
research answers to questions online—it submits search queries,
follows links, and scrolls up and down web pages. It is trained to
cite its sources, which makes it easier to give feedback to improve
factual accuracy. We're excited about developing more truthful AI, but
challenges remain, such as coping with unfamiliar types of questions.

Improving all the time!


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