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I have read two books on corvids and other birds and their intelligence.
Anyone who is interested in how complex a mind can be in a bird, then find
some books and dig in.  Fascinating.  bill w

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> Can crows outsmart your seven-year-old kid? It’s a close call
> Turns out, they can both hold a grudge.
> Crows are known to be incredibly intelligent and have a strong memory,
> with studies indicating that they can recognize and remember
> individual human faces. Crows may also keep grudges and pass them to
> their kids, which is why you should never meddle with the crows in
> your neighborhood.
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aWL2iEb6y4>
> Fascinating video!  Really well done.  16 minutes.
> BillK
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