[ExI] Bees are Fish decides California court

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Subject: [ExI] Bees are Fish decides California court

Bees Are Fish, California Court Rules

To get bumble bees protections from agricultural practices, judges determined that bees could actually be considered fish.
by Samantha Cole    02 June 2022


Thanks to a legal loophole that allows for things that aren’t fish to legally be fish, bees are now fish, according to California’s courts.

Oh, these wacky Californians !!!!    :)



BillK, I kinda get that part about defining insects to be "legally" fish.  Reasoning: the legal system doesn't need to be logical, only legal.  If the wording of the law doesn't specifically forbid a bug from being classified that way, then it defaults to legal.

Let us consider another area where these wacky Californians have had enormous influence: the notion of defining your gender by whatever you think it is.  Where in the law does it say that someone else, or your genetic code, gets to dictate your gender?  It doesn't.  So... our gender is now whatever we say it is, and it can change on a whim, no surgery or clothing purchases necessary.

The thing that does kinda surprise me is how few crass opportunists have come along so far.  We have a few, but really this wackiness presents a grand opportunity for anyone to play in this absurd charade.  Not many have.  Perhaps the biggest surprise is how the young people have passed up chance after chance to take advantage of the wackiness.  It seems they have little taste for good old teenage rebellion.  Now we old geezers hafta do it for them.


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