[ExI] Sexual Assault problem in the Metaverse

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>> I think comparing metaverse “rape” to real life rape is an insult to
>> victims of the latter, which, you know, really hurts.
> Agreed, especially since the avatars involved lacked the necessary
> equipment.
>  Not all sexual assault is rape.

Didn't you get the memo?

If the victim identifies the crime as rape,  you are on the wrong side of
the issue to voice an opinion that isn't supportive.

I don't think we need establish minimum required equipment to qualify for
"irl" equivalence.  We are supposed to be embracing the autonomy to present
completely novel equipment or no equipment at all.

Even back to Internet Relay Chat, trolls could be Ignored.. but the
non-ignored would continue interacting with them and it usually poisoned
the channel until a moderator invoked a kick (& ban)

It's a problem for any public virtual space

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