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Can AI really develop new ways of thinking?  Or is this about something else?


To those of you who know far more about AI than me, what is going on here?   bill w





Billw, when we discuss AI, a most persistent problem is how we define it.  For instance… my neighbor tells me his Tesla has AI.  Reason: it has a tracker so it knows his habits (and differentiates that from his bride’s habits.)  It knows where he goes for lunch, it knows if he uses the drive-thru and if so, it knows that he goes to parks nearby to devour take-out.  It knows which fast food he prefers as a function of time of day.  It does all this by just measurement of position and time.


OK then.  Now he drives the car to a distant city and just says “hungry.”  It finds local places that match his preference profile, and a park nearby if the weather is agreeable (it knows.)  It will suggest a sunny park if it is cool (he doesn’t mind) and a shady place if it is warm (he minds) and a good indoor place if it is wet or too extreme in either end of the thermometer (because it knows.)


All this mimics AI but none of it is AI.  As soon as we know how to program it, then it is no longer AI, but kinda reminds us of what an AI would do if the software had actual intelligence.  Currently the software is highly competent but doesn’t know what it is doing.





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