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All this mimics AI but none of it is AI.  As soon as we know how to program it, then it is no longer AI, but kinda reminds us of what an AI would do if the software had actual intelligence.  Currently the software is highly competent but doesn’t know what it is doing.


What behaviour would the car have to display to demonstrate that it did know what it was doing? 


Stathis Papaioannou



Hmmm, good question.  Possibility: Tesla in the parking lot of a bar.  It realizes you have been in there too long, probably getting drunk, about to mess up your carbon-based life, starts beeping its horn like someone is breaking in.  You drunkenly stumble out hoping to get to the pistol under the passenger seat before the bad guy finds it.  Open door, reach under, the car takes off, drives you home as you quote the famous Jetson’s line: “Heeeelp, Jaaaane!  Stop this crazy thing!  Heeeelp, Jaaaaaaane!”


Then of course, the goal posts could be moved once more, for we still don’t know if the car “knew” what is was doing.



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