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I don't think it will be long before my Tesla is trying to convince me it is conscious. We get system updates every month or so. Eventually, it will get mad at me if I disagree that it's conscious, I imagine. 


In all seriousness, it's fairly passive when it starts the GPS navigation on its own, predicting where I am going. It's usually right. <eyeroll>

But it doesn't say, like, "How can I help you today?" Yet. 

I can use voice commands like "Navigate to work," and "I'm hot," which will decrease the temp by 3 degrees which is nice….




Henry I have long thought a wise-cracking K-2SO car might be fun.  It could put on a bit of road rage (say it but don’t do it) such as: Look at that silly twit.  I aughta ram him.  That might give you a good harmless scare.  Or how about, you say: I’m hot.  It says, Well, that’s a matter of opinion.  You: turn on the AC, you pile of worthless lithium!  That kinda thing.  Get some back and forth going with it.








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