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>>... Henry I have long thought a wise-cracking K-2SO car might be fun.  It could put on a bit of road rage (say it but don’t do it) such as: Look at that silly twit.  I aughta ram him.  That might give you a good harmless scare.  Or how about, you say: I’m hot.  It says, Well, that’s a matter of opinion.  You: turn on the AC, you pile of worthless lithium!  That kinda thing.  Get some back and forth going with it.
> spike
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>...And sometimes you might have to discipline the car for misbehaviour.
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78b67l_yxUc>   :)  1 minute.



Thx BillK.

Here's another take on it.  The car might be the AI site which gets the most interaction.  Reasoning: when at home, we have things to do, tasks to carry out.  In the car is boring: we wait for our destination to arrive, with little effort on our part.  So we have a lot of time and intellectual energy to put into figuring out how to most effectively interact with the AI-like device in the car.  

Note that it is always, and always will be, an AI-like device rather than AI, for as soon as we know how to write the software, the mystery of intelligence is gone and it is all just clever software tricks.  We humans must believe we are somehow magic.  It is critical to our self-esteem.


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