[ExI] More tracking dangers

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat Jun 25 14:10:26 UTC 2022

When discussing how everything done on the internet is tracked and
stored on databases many people just say "If you're doing nothing
wrong, then it doesn't matter".
Well, guess what...... The US Supreme Court just criminalised abortion.
Now all that tracking data will be used to track women in the US for
evidence that they might be involved in illegal activity.

"We are just a few steps away from digital dragnets for people who are
providing access for people seeking abortions," EFF Director of
Cybersecurity Eva Galperin told The Register.

Tracking data that can be used includes -
Period- and fertility-tracking apps
location data and GPS tracking
web searches
mapping queries for health clinics or chemists
emails and text messages

It's a privacy nightmare.


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