[ExI] Eyes on the Solar System

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Sep 4 13:25:03 UTC 2022

NASA has updated and improved its “Eyes on the Solar System” 3D
visualization tool, making interplanetary travel easier and more
interactive than ever. More than two years in the making, the revamped
system delivers improved navigation, better controls, and a host of
new opportunities to learn about our incredible corner of the cosmos.

You can trace the course Artemis I will take to lunar orbit, or touch
down with the Mars Perseverance Rover during its harrowing entry,
descent, and landing on the Red Planet. It lets you learn the basics
about dwarf planets or the finer points of gas giants, and ride
alongside no fewer than 126 space missions past and present.


There is also a 10 min. video tutorial on how to use the system.


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