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Why would pandas want to take over? What more could they want than what we
do for them now?  Highly protected species  of great worth.  Get treated
royally.   bill w

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> Quoting myself:
> >
> > A far more realistic contender for the spot of top mammal would be
> > raccoons. They are smart, their populations are surging even within
> > our urban centers where they are starting to outnumber rats, and they
> > have opposable thumbs that allow them to operate our technology.
> Even though this was a joke post, I cannot allow myself to spread
> misinformation especially about the specs of a living thing as biology
> is my first specialty. For the official record, pandas and opossums
> have opposable thumbs, but trash pandas unfortunately do not. Instead
> they have five very dexterous fingers which can reach their palms but
> not directly oppose one another. That buys us a little time before
> they take over. :)
> Stuart LaForge
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