[ExI] kalman filters are still dumb

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> Now, after that discussion, I think we are best off comparing that Kalman filter to chess.  Computers play great chess, which is a game about predicting your opponent’s next move.  It doesn’t require intelligence to play chess, since chess is a specialized form of computation.
> Likewise, we can think of the weather predicting Kalman filter as a specialized form of computation, clearly a really cool one which results in the ability to predict weather very accurately but still not AI.  I will stop whining about moving goal posts in the Kalman filter case.
> spike
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Hmmmm.... Well, yes, with possible exceptions.  :)
There appear to be two types of chess players.
One is the methodical, studious type who memorises openings, mid-game
positions and end-game theory and slowly grinds their way to a win.
The other type has a creative talent and plays outside the book, like
Mikhail Tal.
Both types can reach grand-master status, but some of Tal's games make
mortals go 'Wow!' and shake their head in amazement.
Chess is not always just memory work and calculation.


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