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I worked in the mobile home business.  They will sell you tie downs but
laugh at you behind your back.  They know that if a tornado hits your home
it will be blown away or imploded.

They make money from the tiedowns but they don't work well - maybe if the
winds are 80 or so they will help - such as in a hurricane.   bill w

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> > Loud angry weather?  Try tornados.  One came by my little trailer in '73
> (?) and shook it - approaching it sounded like 100 freight trains or a
> million bee hives.  A little too angry for me.  Wiped out a trailer where
> the manager had wanted to put me (but I convinced him otherwise) - just 150
> feet or so from me - 150 feet between life and death.  The woman and the
> trailer that was on that spot left just a few months earlier.   bill w
> >
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> Mobile Home Tie-downs claim to secure trailers through tornados.
> <https://www.attainablehome.com/what-are-mobile-home-hurricane-tie-downs/>
> BillK
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