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>>…It would be great if Spike' experience in college, radically changing his philosophy, would happen much more often. Some people are just unchanged (hidebound conservatives) Young people should be liberals. bill w


>…Well, if you have hammered your basic views in a shape that you believe is quite serviceable I wouldn't advocate change for the sake of change.  Self examination or what we used to call pan-critical rationality is needed.    And on political flavors what happened to "up-wing"?  


- Samantha


Ja, I thoughta that too.  Some students will show up at college with a perfectly functional and logical world view.  I work with students who seem to have their heads screwed on right who haven’t even started the application process.


My own view of life back then was functional enough for everyday living, just outdated by about a century for the purpose of science.  I see a lot of local teens who are way better adapted to the modern world than I remember being at their age.













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