[ExI] arduinx running

spike at rainier66.com spike at rainier66.com
Tue Sep 20 04:17:12 UTC 2022


Hey cool.  My son and I got his Arduino going with a 3-axis accelerometer
and a 3-axis angular accelerometer, so I ordered one, 28 bucks!


I found a free C++ compiler which you see running in the background there on
my monitor.


Now I am fooling with some code and realizing that the way the guy did the
ghost bike with the longitudinal axis flywheel is really the easiest way to
do this task, by far.


It might not be the lowest cost way.




But something did occur to me: I could use a flywheel off of any old engine
and I have a variable-speed  DC motor to which I could rig an interface.


If you do it that way, you wouldn't even need an actuator on the steering
crown.  You would just steer it by torquing that flywheel motor and letting
the front wheel do what it will.


That would defeat my cool lead-lag control system I had in mind, but I don't
believe in the old aerospace procedure of making stuff as complicated as
possible just because it is cool to flex one's engineering muscle.



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