[ExI] Coffee consumption linked to increased longevity

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>>…It definitely adds life to our years - spike

>…and to our lower colons - bill w




Ja it affects people in different ways.


It is a mistake to think of coffee as caffeine soup, or hot water with one active ingredient.  I have always thought there is far more to it, as evidenced by the observation that if a prole devours a cup of coffee it somehow acts different than if she devours two cups of tea with the caffeine levels matched.  It could be it is psychological (Billw, this is your territory, me lad.)  We have long associated coffee with the first flavor of the morning, get up and get moving.


But here’s one on my way out the door: recently I discovered the value of light roasted coffee.  It is marketed very poorly in my opinion.  They sometimes call it donut shop style.  Eh, reject, terrible advertising.  Reasoning: using the light roast makes it to where you can use more coffee in the machine without making it taste burnt, which means more of whatever chemical or psychological magic that coffee does to us.  Use the lighter roast, put in half again more scoops into the machine, you get some really whoop-ass coffee, a marvelous rich flavor in a most delightful coffee-ey way.








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Subject: [ExI] Coffee consumption linked to increased longevity



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