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> Billw, this gets where I was going originally with the offshoot thread: the internet has collectively educated us.
> OK well then, consider young people today.  I did community volunteer service this week assembling charge carts for a kinder thru grade 2 school, so the kids could all have computers on which they do their studies.  They have restricted internet in all these public schools.  Result: these suckers grow up fast.  They know a lot about skepticism, which is the result of internet use, at an early age.
> When I was their age, we were urged to trust, to step out on faith.  Now the opposite is the norm, so I suppose we could even kinda make a rhyme: at an early age, we take the step of skep.  We learn to cross check, being as it is suddenly very easy to do.
> This alone has an enormous impact on society.  We catch the phony nonsense offered to us as news.
> spike
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Sorry to disagree, BUT.....  the 'news' system floods the public with
propaganda and the approved point of view. If you disagree, you get
'cancelled' and treated like a leper by the majority. On social media,
like Twitter, governments around the world run teams of thousands who
post in support of their government and attack unapproved views.
Thousands of bots can fake popularity and support of ideas. The US
public is split into two parts. Half believe the current government
'news', and half believe the opposite.

The internet is full of lies and prejudice.  The young must find it
very difficult to thread a path through all the rubbish.
You may be an aged sage, full of the wisdom of years, so you can
withstand the propaganda, but it is a mistake to assume that everyone
else is like you.


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