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Thank you Max for bringing some needed perspective to this topic.

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> Stuart: I think you have it right.
> A number of people have been commenting on the irrationality of
> rationalists. That's unfortunate because they are talking only about some
> rationalists, Yudkowsky's circle being among them.
> Yudkowsky has spent so much time talking with similar people, using their
> special, made-up language that he's driven himself down an intellectual
> hole to a place of absurdity.
> Many signs of apocalyptic, cultish beliefs are present. Yudkowsky saw
> himself as the AI Jesus, bringing us salvation. When he utterly failed at
> that -- by his own word -- he became the AI prophet of doom, warning us of
> the demon/genie/AI that will answer our wishes and kill or enslave us all.
> His freakout over Roko's Basilisk was another strong sign up this.
> EY seems to think he's in the movie, *Forbidden Planet*, and someone has
> unleashed the Krell. Only this isn't the monster from the Id, it's the
> monster from the language model.
> I have issues with this guy but he says a lot of sensible stuff about EY
> in a multipart blog. Here's one:
> https://aiascendant.substack.com/p/extropias-children-chapter-7
> I'm in the middle of writing a long blog post on all this. Here's a post
> with links to what I think are really good, non-panic pieces:
> https://maxmore.substack.com/p/the-dont-panic-about-ai-collection
> --Max
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> His underlying logic is based on the premise of fear of an unknown
> quantity. In the podcast he said that no possible utility function
> would allow for the survival of the human race. That is patently
> absurd. Even if the only utility function of an AI is to generate
> wealth for its company, then it will understand that the survival of
> customers and clients are necessary for its utility function to be
> maximized.
> When Lex asked him for possible solutions to either the interpretation
> problem or the alignment problem, he drew a blank and admitted he had
> no idea. But when the conversation turned to throwing billions of
> dollars into alignment research, he tried to become a gatekeeper for
> AI funding. He literally said that billionaires like Musk should
> consult with HIM before funding anybody else's research or ideas on
> alignment. If that is not a good old-fashioned primate power-grab,
> then what is?
> Moreover, in the podcast, he explicitly disavowed transhumanism so
> perhaps it is time that transhumanism disavowed him.
> Stuart LaForge
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