[ExI] Seastead Girl - the novel

Tara Maya tara at taramayastales.com
Sat Apr 1 16:03:03 UTC 2023

Hey guys, 

I hope it's okay to give a little plug for my new book, "The Seastead Girl."

Some of you, I'm sure, are familiar with the Seastead movement. I decided to write a "bright future" science fiction young adult romance series set on a seastead in 2040. 

Most people on this list aren't the target audience; the books are aimed at young women between ages 15 and 35. (Romance is a strong part of the plot.) Of course, it's also hard science fiction, inspired by some of my favorite books, like Heinlein's Farmer in the Sky.

If you know anyone in the seastead movement that would like to drum up grassroots support, or you have relatives or acquaintances who might enjoy it, please help me spread the word, or even consider buying a copy as a gift. :)

I won't do any more advertising beyond this announcement. Although, if you any questions, I'm happy to answer them.

Tara Maya

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