[ExI] Language models are like mirrors

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>…  Until… you ask it about stuff you really really know a lot about.  Then… the spell is broken.  … spike

>…Yes. As I keep saying…And this is to be expected as they quite literally do not know the meanings of the words they generate.





Gordon et al, we can debate and talk right past each other all we want, while making the same mistake as the Greek philosophers who were said to sit about debating how many teeth a horse has, but eschewing the simple procedure of finding a horse and counting.


I propose we suspend the debate temporarily, for it appears to me to failing to progress.  Do a test.  Think of an area which you know more about than anything you can find on the internet anywhere.  I have a few of those questions in the area of controls engineering.  Think of one of those questions where you are the leading hipster and see if ChatGPT really understands your area of expertise.  Less talk, more test.  Let’s do that this evening, then come back with data.



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