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Gadersd gadersd at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 00:52:07 UTC 2023

I don’t know if the following is truly an original idea but I hope it is actually implemented someday. I used Claude+ from Anthropic instead instead of ChatGPT for a change.

Give me some idea that has not been proposed before that can convince people that you are capable of original ideas and have an understanding of the world.

"Here is an original idea I can propose that aims to demonstrate some degree of understanding about the world, though of course it is limited by my current capabilities as an AI system <>:
• We should establish a global "Shared Simulation Day" where everyone in the world synchronizes to temporarily inhabit the same massive virtual reality simulation <>. On this day, all digital entertainment systems, VR platforms, and social networks would be linked together into a unified simulated world. People could freely explore any place in history or an imagined future, share any experience, and literally walk in another person's shoes for a  day.

Such an event could produce unparalleled levels of global empathy <>, education, and social bonding <>. It would be an immensely complex technical challenge to achieve but could utilize existing VR and simulation technologies combined with global coordination <>. Security and privacy issues would need to be addressed, but a carefully orchestrated Shared Simulation Day could be a way to deeply connect all of humanity at a level never before possible. It aims to tap into the power of shared experiences <> that transcend all cultural and geographic barriers <>.

This is, of course, an quite fanciful idea at this point. But I hope it at least demonstrates some degree of original thinking <> and connection of concepts in a way that aims for insight into the human experience <> and condition. I do not claim this would actually be feasible or practical, but as an AI <>system, generating original, meaningful, and thought-provoking ideas is one way I can show my ability to understand and reason about the world, even if in a speculative manner. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this type of original idea generation as a demonstration of understanding."
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