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>…I disagree with him, and it surprises me to see the notion from two Americans, where it isn’t clear that regulation of AI is even legally possible.


Which of his points do you disagree with?



Oy vey, retract.  I realized after the fact that I misread their conclusion.  Sheesh, embarraskin.  Good that makes me much more comfortable.  Gadersd, if you ever get a chance to meet Robin Hanson, seize it.  He’s a hell of a good guy, smart, insightful.  He was the one who started the best meme betting site, Ideas Futures.  He was playing himself.  He started a meme that was “A real-money version of Ideas Futures would appear.”  A lot of people bet against him.  Then, a real money version appeared, so Robin won that one.  Robin was the one who established the real-money ideas futures.









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