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Brent Allsop brent.allsop at gmail.com
Tue Apr 4 05:45:48 UTC 2023

Yay, someone besides me is wondering what others believe.  Thanks Jason and
William.  That is why we built canonizer in the first place, so we could
track this, in real time.

>From what I can see, Most people here are still in the popular
consensus functionalist
(I'm ccing Stathis, who is the only one of you many functionalists willing
to support that camp) Functionalists, like substance dualists
separate things like color qualities from physical reality.  Functionalists
predict that qualities, of which consciousness is composed merely
'supervene' on physical reality, or that redness 'arises' from 1s and 0s,
in some magical physical substrate independent way that is not
approachable via science.  Stathis, this is all true, right?  Do you (or
any other functionalists brave enough to admit it) admit you are a dualist
in this way, and that qualities or consciousness are independent of any
physical substrate?

me, on the other hand, are not dualists.  Although we are still in the
minority at that lower level, despite the fact that most of you
functionalists are not willing to give any support to any functionalist

Wouldn't it be great if we did know who all currently believed what!!
Seems to me, most everyone here is too afraid to declare what they
currently believe.  Evidently they just want to continue to bleat and tweet
what they believe, in half backed never improving ways, eternally.

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> Jason, I think, wondered how many of us were dualists.  I wonder too.  Are
> you?  I am not.   bill w
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