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What if an AI were developed that could accurately predict the
stock market?  I suspect that buyers and sellers would intentionally make
the predictions wrong if they were known.  If a person could make one but
keep it a secret he would become very rich.  Or not?  bill w

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> > I concur. In an adversarial environment it is almost never optimal from
> the perspective of one group to halt progress if the others cannot be
> prevented from continuing.
> >
> > The AI safety obsession is quite moot as any malicious organization with
> significant capital can develop and deploy its own AI. AI safety can only
> achieve the goal of preventing low-capital individuals from using AI for
> malicious reasons for a time until the technology becomes cheap enough for
> anyone to develop powerful AI.
> >
> > I am not sure how much good prolonging the eventual ability for any
> individual to use AI for harm will do. We will have to face this reality
> eventually. Perhaps a case can be made for prolonging individual AI-powered
> efficacy until we have the public safety mechanisms in place to deal with
> it.
> >
> > In any case this only applies to little individuals. China and others
> will have their way with AI.
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> Interesting thought, that 'friendly' AI means malicious use by the human
> owners.
> In the past, the main worry was AI running amok and destroying
> humanity. So the 'friendly' AI design was developed to try to ensure
> that humanity would be safe from AI.
> But how can we protect humanity from humanity?
> Nations and corporations will be running the powerful AGI machines,
> controlling economies and war machines.
> Personal AI will probably have to be much less capable
> in order to run on smartphones and laptops.
> But there will be plenty to keep the population amused.  :)
> BillK
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