[ExI] AI enhancing / replacing human abilities

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>...Interesting thought, that 'friendly' AI means malicious use by the human

Malicious to the owner's competitors, ja.

>...In the past, the main worry was AI running amok and destroying humanity.
So the 'friendly' AI design was developed to try to ensure that humanity
would be safe from AI.
But how can we protect humanity from humanity? BillK

We can't BillK.  Our species and every other species is here today because
we competed and we won.  We compete not only at a species level but every
other level, national, corporate, politics, sporting contests, everything.  

The chess player who somehow figured out how to interface with a computing
device (apparently up his rear) did direct harm to his competitors in that

In the USA we are in the midst of a culture war, more intense than any I
have witnessed in my long life.  This is yet another form of competition
cooked into the system.  

We cannot stop this.  We cannot even withdraw from the tournament.



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