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> Did they offer the respondents a choice of both a creature and a tool?

No. I don't put much credence in that poll but I hope we see gallup do
something like it in the not too distant future.

Back in the 80s before any of these things were imaginable to most people,
someone close to me expressed her horror over "Transformer" cartoons. She
found them extremely troubling. I thought that was a little odd. It is not
as though we watched cartoons but she mentioned it several times. We never
talked much about exactly why she was so troubled, but thinking back on it,
I think she found it dehumanizing to see machines acting like humans. She
felt worried about how it would influence the values of children, and what
it meant for the future. I think about how she felt from time to time. Most
people have no idea of transhumanism or extropianism and they might be in
for a rude awakening soon.

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