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And here is a more in-theme story. Again guess what is about. 



One of the original As became bored with the stodgy old A crowd, and moved in with a group of H people, who were a fun bunch, but eventually went back to their original home after a good guy came to live with them.


That worked out for a while, but the rent on the A home became too high for the combined social security checks of the A crowd to cover it, so… somebody came up with an idea: combine the H group and the A group next door into one house, which had its own challenges but they had a rollicking good time in there as you can see in stage 3.  


The one good guy liked it there but he just couldn’t take it, all the constant laughing and cutting up, couldn’t sleep with that that partying and the amateur comedians pulling gags on each other, so he didn’t stay with them.  The good guy (G) went off on their own and, true to their nature as a good guy, converted the house next door to a Unitarian Universalist church, which attracted a number of followers, so a cult formed and they decided to move in together, share a home based on their mutually believing in a church which believes nothing.  New hilarity ensued as the sheer absurdity of such an arrangement spawned a TV sit-com.


Giovanni, this sounds like a great story.  Please tell us the rest of it.






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