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I personally think that humans should embrace the penguin lifestyle, of a pair of loving parents taking turns caring for the egg (machine womb). I'd rather not head in the direction of thousands of eggs being gestated as disposable worker-soldiers for a hive.  

Tara Maya

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> Israeli researchers grew mouse embryos for about half the gestation period in artificial wombs. This suggests that once we can simulate the sperm and egg cells then we may be able to also simulate a simple artificial womb and generate an entire human inside a computer.
> ‘Brave New World’ of Embryos Grown Outside the Womb — It's Closer Than You Think • Children's Health Defense (childrenshealthdefense.org) <https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/embryos-grown-outside-womb-not-far-fetched/>
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>>> How do you upload a gut and glial cells?
>> We only need to be able to simulate two cells: the sperm and egg. All the rest is emergent.
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>>> Oh, yes, the gut.  CAn't overlook that.  But I never (?) see anything about glial cells.  I have read where lately they have discovered that they do more than just provide support for the neurons (aren't they the blood brain barrier?).  But anyway, they influence neurons in some ways and we are just starting to find out what.  How do you upload a gut and glial cells?  bill w
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