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On Fri, 7 Apr 2023, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:

> It was a mistake: this is the most popular site on the internet.  Or 
> rather it would be, if the masses liked us.

D*mn it! ;)

> Welcome Daniel.  Tell us more about Daniel please.  Are you a student?
> Where are you from?  That kinda stuff.

Thank you Spike!

>...Well, where do I start? I'm a technologist and philosopher by training,
I've worked for many of the boring global IT companies in the past focusing
on PB scale storage systems and open source....

PB scale storage systems are not boring.  Or rather they wouldn't be, if the
masses were to be more excited by it.  I have heard of silicon being used
for storage, but never lead.  Lead would have its advantages, against
radioactive particles and such.  Perhaps I misunderstand what you meant by
PB storage.  

Oh wait, petabyte.  Retract all.  

 >...The last 4 years I've been running my own company (and believe it or
not, but one of the areas of business I'm in is as a teacher (yes, cliché
for a philosopher, I know)), and I've lived in 6 countries so far (Sweden,
US, Norway, Lithuania, Germany and Switzerland) so I guess I'm a bit of a
nomad as well.

Best regards,


What has been happening here in the past few weeks is as philosophical as it
gets.  Debating whether ChatGPT is conscious feels like an echo of what the
chess players were doing in the 1990s: asking if the software really
understood chess or was it just calculating mindlessly.  What we eventually
decided was that these were exactly the same thing.  It was quite the ego

Daniel as a newcomer, with little or no influence from what has been posted
in the past here, do you have a favorite take on the hot topic of the month?
I presume you have played with ChatGPT.


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