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> > It was a mistake: this is the most popular site on the internet.  Or
> rather
> > it would be, if the masses liked us.
> >
> D*mn it! ;)
> > Welcome Daniel.  Tell us more about Daniel please.  Are you a student?
> > Where are you from?  That kinda stuff.
> >
> Thank you Spike!
> Well, where do I start? I'm a technologist and philosopher by training,
> I've worked for many of the boring global IT companies in the past
> focusing on PB scale storage systems and open source.

A pleasure to meet you Daniel. It's funny we have a rather similar
background (working on large scale storage systems), and I would also
classify myself as some mixture of technologist and philosopher.

I have a few open source projects that might interest you. In particular
there's one that straddles the two realms of technology and philosophy.
It's an experiment in artificial life and simulated evolution of neural
networks. I think it raises many philosophical questions, such as whether
these entities are consciousness, or do they feel pleasure or pain, and if
they aren't consciousness, when similar life is, what's missing?


If you are seeking other similar places I can second the recommendation for
the everything-list, especially it's earlier history (it's unfortunately
fallen off a bit more recently). There's also the website lesswrong on
which people write posts and others critique their argument/thesis in the
comments. I don't know how active it still is but there's a lot of good
material on it.


The last 4 years
> I've been running my own company (and believe it or not, but one of the
> areas of business I'm in is as a teacher (yes, cliché for a philosopher, I
> know)), and I've lived in 6 countries so far (Sweden, US, Norway,
> Lithuania, Germany and Switzerland) so I guess I'm a bit of a nomad as
> well.
> Don't want to bore you with too many details, but I hope the above will
> give you some kind of idea of who I am. If you have any questions, just
> ask!
> Best regards,
> Daniel
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