[ExI] More mailing lists of this calibre?

Tara Maya tara at taramayastales.com
Fri Apr 7 17:50:38 UTC 2023

How do you do, Daniel? 

This place has always been interesting and has been really popping since ChatGPT came out because many members here anticipated or participated in the tech leading to it and have fascinating predictions where it will go. 

Even during periods when I haven't contributed much, I always find it stimulating to follow the debates here.

I hope you'll enjoy it.

Tara Maya

> On Apr 7, 2023, at 6:09 AM, efc--- via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org> wrote:
> Good afternoon extropians,
> I'm currently on a journey to explore the less popular areas of the internet such as mailing lists, usenet, gopher & co, in the hope of a more relaxed and thoughtful conversation.
> Having found this place I'm very impressed with the discussions going on and I'm following them with great interest.
> Therefore I'm now wondering if you know any other similar mailing lists?
> My areas of interest are technology, philosophy, psychology, religion and libertarianism (or freedom oriented "isms" in general).
> Would be thankful for any pointers in the right direction.
> Best regards,
> Daniel
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