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> Hey cool, idea: we can use Google to translate from any common language into English, use ChatGPT, then Google translate its response back...
> Giovanni, funzionerebbe, giovanotto?
> spike
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>...ChatGPT does translations sort of OK.
But GPT-4 is better.

[Submitted on 20 Jan 2023 (v1), last revised 19 Mar 2023 (this version, v3)] Is ChatGPT A Good Translator? Yes With GPT-4 As The Engine



Ja, I was hoping to intentionally keep ChatGPT out of the loop for the translate portion of the experiment.  I don't want ChatGPT to know it is part of an experiment.

BillK, I was thinking of having you as one of the test cases.  I went into Google translate but couldn't find any English to British translation options.


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