[ExI] chatgpt plus google translate

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Sun Apr 9 23:39:39 UTC 2023

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I'm not sure what you are trying to test here.
I think ChatGPT can be used by most languages.
i.e. an Italian can speak to ChatGPT in Italian and get replies in Italian.
Try Parlez-vous Francais? and see what it replies.


OK, but really what I was shooting for is Mandarin.  European languages are
all fairly similar in structure really.  Lookup-table style translation
works well enough.  But I noticed when trying to do Mandarin to English or
vv, things get messed up.  Hilarity ensues.  I don't think we have any
native Mandarin speakers on the ExI list.

Some years ago, when online translators were all the new thing, I was on a
motorcycle enthusiasts group where a Japanese-only speaker showed up.  His
posts were hilarious.  He was always falling all over himself apologizing,
we kept telling him no worries, lad, no offense taken at all, etc.  When
that went back into Japanese, I fear it came out on his end as: no bananas,
young man, your spleen is on fire completely.

Or something else completely absurd.  It didn't work.


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