[ExI] Why stop at glutamate?

Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Mon Apr 10 07:10:40 UTC 2023

On 09/04/2023 23:50, Giovanni Santostasi wrote:
> Let me elaborate on a point. When I say the pattern matters it doesn't 
> mean that a particular pattern matters. This is very relevant to 
> dismantle Brent's position. I can use any pattern I want to represent 
> red. In fact, let me expand on my previous statement: what matters is 
> the pattern AND the association with a given visual stimuli (in the 
> case of red) or a given thought or memory or whatever. If I associate 
> this pattern with seeing red (probably a given number of times) then 
> that is red in my brain. Given we have similar makeup and there is a 
> lot of software we inherit from our progenitors the association 
> process (basically we come with a lot of NN weights that are 
> pre-trained) is somehow pre-programmed up to a point. As we experience 
> red in early childhood, and throughout life, we create a different 
> perception of red that can be refined or sometimes degraded. It is not 
> a fixed forever thing in the brain but it is always changing and 
> modifying. This again destroys completely Brent's misconception about 
> what redness is.

Thank-you Giovanni.

You have put, much more clearly and concisely, what I've been trying, on 
and off, to say for years.

And without a single mention of 'quality', 'knowledge of' or 'abstract' 
to confuse things.
Well done.


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