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Ben, plenty of terms need more explication. I am an introvert, but then
people think I am also shy, which I am not.  I am an atheist, but when I
explain that I don't believe in heaven or hell or the miracles, but am a
follower of Jesus, they just don't understand.  So I have to add more to
that.  If I just give the details, people will say 'Oh, so you're an
atheist."     People love labels.

Ask a person who they are and they will give you lots of labels:
Protestant, Lion's club member, married, from ZAnzibar,and so on.

bill w

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> On 10/04/2023 00:54, bill w wrote:
> Labels - where would we be without labels and groups?  Worse off by a long
> shot.  We would have to explain in all the little details just what we are
> talking about, whereas the label tells you most of it and then you can say
> just how you deviate from it.  We cannot do without generalization.
> Without:  I am of mostly European origin with some parts for Scotland,
> some from Ireland, some from France,and a little bit from India.
> With:  I am white, mostly western European
> Loosen up out there!    bill w
> I think you both have a point.
> I call myself an atheist, have for a long long time. But I've lost count
> of the number of times people take that to mean I'm something that I'm not.
> The problem with then trying to clarify it, is that those people take no
> notice of what I'm telling them because the term seems to have poisoned
> their minds. Anything I say after that is (often, if they're religious)
> interpreted as an attack on them.
> Of course, with that particular example, there does seem to be a general
> confusion between not believing something is true and believing that it's
> not true. A great many people apparently aren't capable of seeing the
> difference (or simply refuse to acknowledge the difference).
> Another, perhaps simpler, example is 'Transhumanist'. A lot of people have
> simply stopped calling themselves that, because of persistent
> misconceptions about what it means. But I think it's a useful term that
> summarises a whole mindset.
> 'Extropian' is much less well-known, and always needs to be explained
> anyway, to most people.
> Ben
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