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> As I said you can train to see colors:
> https://visionsource.com/blog/how-we-perceive-colors/#:~:text=We%20can%20actually%20TRAIN%20our,the%20100%20Hue%20Vision%20Test
> .
That's very interesting. Though, I suppose not too surprising when we
consider how wine tasters can train themselves to pick up more flavor notes
than the untrained person. The question then is are they perceiving things
differently? I think they must be if they can make more discriminations.
Dennett has an example of how things like coffee or beer that are acquired
tastes must taste different during the first sip than someone who has
developed an appreciation for those tastes. Hofstadter says he can't know
what it is like to not like chocolate. Presumably chocolate must taste
different for people who don't like it.

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