[ExI] The Future Of Humanity Is Threatened Due To AI Here Are 10 Reasons

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>>…In some ways, I am already missing being the smartest species on the block. spike


>…Spike, I think that neither of us will live to see AIs being as creative as you are.  bill w


Billw, you are too kind, sir, but my false-modesty forces me to confess: my creativeness is all fake.  Years ago, I came up with an idea: a software package that one can secretly use to make oneself inventive, creative, imaginative, etc.

It worked!  I figured I would make a cubic buttload of money.  But then I realized a most disturbing thought: if everyone is creative, then no one is.  It becomes like a magic act where everyone knows how the tricks work.  Creativity is one of those comparative things, like intelligence and strength.  So… I had to keep it a secret and use it all myself.  Otherwise I would no longer be creative (relatively.)  So I chose to be poor but innovative, rather than be rich but suck.

So… creative, sure, but it’s all phony as three dollar bill sir.  So sad it is.  Tragic.


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