[ExI] The Future Of Humanity Is Threatened Due To AI Here Are 10 Reasons

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>>…So I chose to be poor but innovative, rather than be rich but suck.


>…I find this ironic coming from a retired engineer who lives in one of the wealthiest and most innovative places in the world… gadersd



Sure, but Gadersd, wealth is another one of those relative things.  It isn’t how much money one owns, but rather how much one has compared to the neighbors.  For all my thriftiness and considering my rank in the company along with the rank of my bride, I am merely average in wealth compared to the others around here.


That being said, I will freely offer that it is just wicked cool living in the SF Bay Area, sufficiently far away from… well… San Francisco.  That place is to be avoided.  I jump at every opportunity to not go there, for it has become far too dangerous.  I see no evidence of gangs around here however, the place is clean and orderly, the neighbors are nice, respectful, nonviolent sorts.  So way out here in the burbs, it is safe enough.  One can still sometimes hear the sound of gunfire at night, but cannot hear the jingle of the spent shells hitting the pavement or the panicked shrieks of the dying target.  There are lotsa fun things to go and do, should one choose.  If one wants to start a business on any wacky idea, a local talent pool is often available.


I attended a lecture yesterday at Stanford for instance by Po Shen Lo who is a hell of an interesting guy.  He’s the coach of the US math Olympics team:




He was speaking on the topic of… ChatGPT4.


More on that later, gotta scoot.  Lots of wacky ideas to share.  We could start a business without ever having to meet, and I have the product for us, one that we suddenly need.




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