[ExI] GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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I'm going to look for the experiment about the rat memory chip. I may have
conflagrated two memories in one (slow wave reactivation of memories in a
maze and Berger's work on memory on a chip).
But really the details of what was remembered and reproduced by a model are
not that important (even if I admit remembering the layout of a maze is
more impressive).
Even if it was just a memory associated with pushing a lever is still
incredible that we have a model for memory and by reproducing this model on
a digital chip we can reproduce the memory.
Again, this example alone shows that brain stuff is in the pattern of
information and that information doesn't care about the physical medium,
just the functional connections between the parts. From what I remember
Berger calls it spatiotemporal code. Memory seems to be a code in space and
time (what I call an activation pattern). This is it. I think everything
else that is important in the brain, including consciousness, is written in
the same code.


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>>>> Using the phrase "only software" suggests to me you are not familiar
>>>> with the implications of the Church-Turing thesis.
>> I am quite familiar with the thesis. I differ with some people,
>> especially here, about the implications.
>> I have shown the converse, denying their awareness , leads to a logical
>>>> contradiction.
>> I think you have only mangled the language. My smarthome doorbell does no
>> more than mindlessly detect motion, yet you call that "awareness." Even if
>> I allow for that generous use of the term "aware," you take it a
>> step further and equate this mindless process to consciousness. That is not
>> what I or think most people mean by either awareness or consciousness.
>> It looks to me that you are merely anthropomorphizing the machine I call
>> my doorbell. You would probably say that my thermostat in the hallway of my
>> home is also "aware" and "conscious."  But as with my doorbell, I doubt my
>> thermostat has any private first person subjective experience of its
>> existence or surroundings, which is what I mean by alive and aware and
>> conscious.
> What is the simplest possible conscious state that you can imagine? What
> are its contents?
> Jason
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