[ExI] Why stop at glutamate?

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Thu Apr 13 10:58:46 UTC 2023

On Wed, 12 Apr 2023, Giovanni Santostasi via extropy-chat wrote:

> No matter how many examples, applications, reasoning, logical proof, and evidence from experiments we give to Brent and Gordon they
> cling to their nonscientific view. I still engage in this conversation for a few reasons. 

> different way. But I see how misguided that way of thinking is. That is simply not how the universe works. 3) Maybe people on the
> fence or casual observers of this list can read these debates and think more deeply about these issues too. They are very important

Hello Giovanni, you got me with nr 3! Every couple of years (well,
probably decades) I stumble upon a good old qualia discussion, and I am
kind of set in my ways (or someone hasn't persuaded me to change my
view yet).

So I apologize for potentially kicking a dead horse, but could you
correct me?

Last time I was engaged in this type of discussion, I ended
up in the following "camp".

1. I think that materialism is quite a nifty way of explaining the world.
And with "matter" I mean the current physics point of view all the way
down to what ever particles are still not discovered.

2. Based on (1) I think qualia and redness is a "process" that includes
object, subject, and interpretation of information and signals.

3. I think based on (1) and (2) that "subjective redness" is nonsense or
at least meaningless, and I'll happily sacrifice that, souls and
platonism to be consistent with 1 and 2 until proven wrong.

Do I understand you _kind of_ correctly?

Since I am not a physicist I'm just trying to understand if I managed to
understand you correctly.

Best regards, 

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