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Thu Apr 13 14:00:03 UTC 2023

On Thu, 13 Apr 2023, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:

> I have walked out on a religious speech that was very bigoted.  It was required at my college.  But if I were in church to see a
> loved one marry I would go along with the requirements of the situation, hoping no one would think that I support the religious
> beliefs being expressed.

I share you church position, however, even when attending weddings, I
will not kneel. I refrain from commenting, participate in most things,
but kneeling in front of a person representing something I do not
believe in I find humiliating and this won't do it, regardless of some
angry frowns.

> Is not using social tokens really a good way to express our libertarianism?  If you were greeted by a smile and a "Hi" would you
> really consider sneering at them and ignoring them?  I think not.  Much more serious battles are there to be fought.  

I think a cost/benefit analysis here is in order and it will vary
depending on the person. I nod and smile, and I enjoy it. Other people

My father is of the social, nodding and smiling type, and when someone
in his community doesn't reciprocate, he nods and smiles even more
vigorously until the other caves in and realizes that it is the quickest
way to get rid of him. ;)

People are different and the acceptance of that is the a great thing about
individualism and libertarianism in my opinion.

Best regards, 

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