[ExI] Why stop at glutamate?

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Fri Apr 14 14:35:59 UTC 2023

On Fri, 14 Apr 2023, Brent Allsop via extropy-chat wrote:

> Hay Daniel,
> Welcome to the conversation.  Always fun to have a new guy join what we've been arguing over on this forum since the 90s. ;)

Hello Brent! Well, only the 90s? Plenty of time to go on arguing,
philosophers have argued for 1000s of years. ;)

>       Depending on the definition, I disagree with 2. I agree that we have
>       experiences as proven by brain scans when we're exposed to various
>       experiences. So if instead of qualia, we'd say experiences, I have no
>       quarrel with experiences or states in the brain being real.
> So are you saying you can communicate what a redness property is like, to someone who has never experienced redness before, with only abstract text?

Depending on how you define redness property, yes of course.

If you are talking about an individuals processing of redness, no, since redness
includes the world, photons, an individuals hardware and software, and
that cannot be replicated naturally, exactly in another individual.

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