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>> On 06/04/2023 16:50, gadersd wrote:
>> > It should be no surprise that the workings of the mind would be
>> fundamentally simple. It must be simple enough to encode on DNA if not a
>> postcard after all.
>> Well, that's encouraging. For mind-uploading, I mean. I don't remember
>> who first suggested it, but it seems feasible that, if we have a generic
>> Human Mind Template, that basically reproduces this
>> common-to-all-human-brains structure, any individual mind would be a set
>> of variations that can be applied to it. So mind-uploading wouldn't
>> require scanning every single connection and weighting in the brain, but
>> just the crucial ones that represent what makes someone an individual,
>> applied to the 'standard human model'.
>> Once we've figured out what they are!
> ### I don't know if I was the first person to propose this idea but I did
> discuss it with Anders Sandberg here many years ago.

A very similar idea just appeared in the latest episode of star trek
(Picard, I think episode 9). Someone reveals that to save memory, their
transporters use a template of human DNA most of which is common across
humans, so they only need to detect and transmit the differences in memory.


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