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>.My brother spoke on this to the California congress in Sacramento, but
unfortunately the vote on the bill went against nuclear energy. One of the
politicians asked him, "Why should I vote for something that could go wrong
and make me look bad, but won't bring any benefits?" (paraphrasing; I wasn't
there). My brother realized there's still a lot of work to do to change the
popular opinion on nuclear.


Tara Maya



Ja.  That will likely come in the form of electric energy prices going
waaaaay up, perhaps triple what they are now.  We already know the demand
for power has been steadily climbing, as the electric cars are coming.  I
expect we will see power companies mandating no car charging in the daytime,
starting as early as this summer.  This will be easier than it sounds, as
they can start with shutting down office charging stations.


It takes some lead time to build up nuclear plants, but there are some
interim measures which become viable, such as large mobile Diesel units to
run office charging stations.  The engine on a locomotive is a huge Diesel
and it generates power to drive DC motors at the wheels.  A motor/generator
combination can be carried on an 18 wheeler.  One of those could charge
about 100 Teslas simultaneously.  


In the lead time to build new nuke plants (after the notion becomes
politically viable) we could build small interim coal and natural gas
plants, for those cost a lot less to build and don't take long.  When new
interim coal and natural gas plants are being built, and huge Diesel motors
are rumbling and roaring out in the company parking lot, nuclear power
becomes far more politically attractive.


Tara your brother is in a good position.








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