[ExI] are qualia communicable? Was Why stop at glutamate?

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Sat Apr 15 19:15:39 UTC 2023

On Sat, 15 Apr 2023, Jason Resch via extropy-chat wrote:

> We can rewire all of Bob's brain to equal all of Alice's brain. Then we can ensure that when they look at the same strawberry under
> the same light they see the same thing. But short of that there will always be doubts, if not an impossibility, that the two can ever
> experience the same state of subjective awareness. And the requirement of rewiring a brain I think is proof that qualia aren't
> communicable, and why experience is always trapped within and forever bound to the experiencer.

You can even argue that time is a component. Space, time, software and
hardware, and since the two, regardless of equal hardware and software,
cannot occupy the same space at the same time it is impossible to ever
be certain.

I think I vaguely tried to make this point somewhere "up there" but I
think I'll have to reside with Jason on this one.

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