[ExI] Definition of Consciousness (Was Re: My guesses about GPTs consciousness)

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Thu Apr 20 11:14:11 UTC 2023

On Wed, 19 Apr 2023, Brent Allsop via extropy-chat wrote:

> Yes. all those are good use cases.  We are currently targeting local city governments.  They pay lots of survey companies like Y2K
> analytics or flashvote, in an attempt to find out what residents want or believe.  They are part of the polarization problem, and we
> believe we can disrupt that industry.

Nice! Best of luck! =) I'm all for new innovations in trying to achieve
better and happier societies! I read about Taiwans system, maybe you
heard about it? If not, maybe something you can read up on and be
inspired by.

> I (or anyone) could create a camp called "Qualia are Red Herrings".  Create a new competing sibling camp to "Representational Quali
> Theory"  Then add this as a statement:
>                     'qualia and redness in fact are "red herrings" that will get us nowhere, and should best be left alone.'
> Then all you'd need to do is support it, like signing a petition.

Like the name... "The red herring" camp. ;) Well, if that is all that is
needed,sure, I'd sign it. I would hope thought that people would swoop
in and either improve or demolish the definition. =)

> It looks like Ben currently shares your views.  I'd hope he'd support it also.  It'd be interesting to see how much consensus this
> view could achieve, compared to other camps.

Sure, create it and let me know and I will cast my vote.

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