[ExI] Definition of Consciousness (Was Re: My guesses about GPTs consciousness)

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Thu Apr 20 14:40:37 UTC 2023

Hello Brent,

On Thu, 20 Apr 2023, Brent Allsop via extropy-chat wrote:

> When Wikipedia came out, I was so excited.  I was thinking, now someone just needs to add a camp system to resolve the edit war

Oh yes, it is fascinating how wikipedia has started to become political
and some people are reverting to britannica or similar services now,
since they no longer trust wikipedia.

> I haven't heard about Taiwan.  If you could provide a reference, I'd love to look into it more.


Have a look at the following links: 

I hope this will give you a good start to see if its old news or perhaps
something which could inspire you. =)

> the rest of the world to take it from there.  Easy Shmeezy, and infinitely more efficient and able to progress compared to all the
> polarizing, and infinitely repetitive, with no ratchitalbe progress, bleating and tweeting communication we are doing in forums like
> this.

Horses for courses... to me, this list has been exemplary in its
civility and quality of discussion compared with, for instance,
mastodon. ;)

Since I have not been involved in the academic world for 17 years or so,
I wonder if twitter and mastodon has influenced the way academics

I remember when I was a philosophy student, that it was perfectly
alright and fun to debate ethical issues regardless of if you were a
socialist, liberal, libertarian etc. No feelings of anger or
polarization, but fun vigorous debates. But maybe things have changed in
the past 17 years?

> OK, here it is, the Red Herring camp.

Great, I registered and voted. Let's see if it evolvesor not. =)

Best ergards, 

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