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> Spike,
> By the way, did you hear that a Google version of an LLM was given just a few prompts in Bengali and it was able to translate after that every text in Bengali despite not having had any training in Bengali?
> These systems seem to have crazy emergent properties and unexpected capabilities.
> Very interesting times.
> Giovanni
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That example was a wild exaggeration / lie.
The LLM had already been trained in Bengali.
Explained in this article -
PaLM was already trained with Bengali, the predominant language of
Bangladesh. Margaret Mitchell (no relation), a researcher at AI
startup lab HuggingFace and formerly of Google, explained this in a
tweet thread making the argument for why 60 Minutes was wrong.

Mitchell pointed out that, in a 2022 demo, Google showed that PaLM
could communicate and respond to prompts in Bengali. The paper behind
PaLM revealed on a datasheet that the model was indeed trained in the
language with roughly 194 million tokens in the Bengali alphabet.

So it didn't magically learn anything via a single prompt. It already
knew the language.


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