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>…The thing that nobody seems to be on the lookout for with these AI systems, is spontaneous behaviour. When one starts asking its own unprompted and unscripted questions, that will be interesting…Ben



Ben, a variant of that idea is when two or more AIs discuss matters among themselves and (somehow) derive insights beyond what any one of them had to start with.  This is analogous to when Bis gather and discuss matters, then derive insights.  I have not yet seen a good example of AIs figuring out some new and interesting insight by discussing matters among themselves.  It might be close however: I have discovered insights from discussing matters with them.


For instance…


Because of AI, education is in a huge transitional… re-education camp, if I may borrow that term.  The education people don’t really know where to go with it, but they are going with it just the same.  So consider colleges and universities, a matter which has been continually on my mind for the past year or two (or longer.)  They are transitioning even faster, but it isn’t clear what they are transitioning to.


In the age of ChatGPT, what is a university now?  It is a place where one obtains the credentials needed to work at a profession which may not exist by graduation day?  Or is it a shopping mall for knowledge?  And if the latter, what kinds of things should that shopping mall offer now, and how?  Can the universities transition to where most of their function is in credential testing, rather than actual teaching?  Or can those peacefully coexist?  



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